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"Dospuntos is a metaphor through the transdisciplinary, innovative and poetic new circus. Our mission is to create universes full of new images, meanings and realities through the performing arts, the pedagogical projects and the transformation.

Co-create new possible worlds! "

WHO WE ARE Compañía Dospuntos Circo is a new Colombian circus organization founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2008. It is currently based in Bogotá and has 14 years of experience in the performing arts. It is directed by Andrea Paola Martínez Mora and Juan Camilo Jiménez Giraldo, in addition to being composed in each project by a wide range of artists and multidisciplinary professionals from the performing arts, circus arts, audiovisual arts, dramaturgy, psychology, yoga, dance therapy, photography, scenery, music, design, etc. The company specializes in the management, production, creation and circulation of artistic, cultural, social and pedagogical projects that empower the creative capacity of the human being and transform realities through the circus, performing and audiovisual arts. The lines of action of the Company are :

Management, production, creation and circulation of artistic, cultural, social and pedagogical projects in circus, performing and audiovisual arts.


Research, creation and circulation of multidisciplinary and innovative circus shows, in Colombia and abroad.


Design of artistic events (corporate, pedagogical, social, for discos, parties, family, others).

Making of audiovisual and photographic productions and works (video-art, stage works in digital format, shorts, galleries).


Execution of artistic training programs (classes, workshops, courses, training in circus techniques, production, management, direction, creation).

Compañía Dospuntos Circo

Compañía Dospuntos Circo
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EGS-zs8 Laboratorio de creación escénica. Trailer. Compañía Dospuntos Circo

EGS-zs8 Laboratorio de creación escénica. Trailer. Compañía Dospuntos Circo

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Trailer de obras de Compañía Dospuntos Circo (2023)

Trailer de obras de Compañía Dospuntos Circo (2023)

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Trailer. El cucacuy

Trailer. El cucacuy

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Trailer "Habitación escondida A"

Trailer "Habitación escondida A"

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" We are moved to promote human development and empowerment, convulse and transform realities, build society, culture and future through transdisciplinary performing arts "

WHAT CHARACTERIZES US We are an artistic company committed to the original creation of projects with a high level of identity, poetics, production and technique. Our creations are means to communicate, mobilize and transform human and social reality, helping to generate new imaginaries, reflections, symbols that feed the generation of new and diverse possible realities. We are interested in beautifying, improving and evolving everyday life through art.


Both in our artistic and pedagogical component, we open paths through art, which enable the empowerment of the human being in their corporal, mental and spiritual capacities, as well as the development of their Consciousness, stimulating the construction of society, culture and future.


OUR TRAJECTORY During our 14 years of activity we have created: the VORTEKS Festival, a platform for the international circulation of artistic pieces, 6 training lines in performing and body arts, 6 lines of special event design, 9 interdisciplinary medium to large-format shows, 6 audiovisual productions and more than 36 small-format works. The creations have circulated in person in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, Belgium and Italy and digitally in approximately 20 countries in America, Europe and Asia. In addition, we have made artistic collaborations with various groups in Colombia and abroad.


The company has been winner of various scholarships, residencies, co-productions and collaborations by Colombian entities such as: the Colombian Ministry of Culture, the District Secretariat for Culture, Recreation and Sports, the Mayor's Office of Bogotá, the District Institute of arts and the local Mayor's Office of Suba development fund. And foreigners such as: The House of Contemporary Circus, Cirko Vertigo from Italy, MiBac and the Piemonte Region of Italy, L'Estruch Fábrica de creació from Spain and Espace catastrophe from Belgium.

OUR CREATIONS Our productions are characterized by having two main values: to be authentic and faithful to the essence and identity of the creators and to have a high metaphoric and symbolic, as well as technical content. The works have a particularly dreamlike, visual, surreal, poetic and acrobatic quality. The bet is towards creating our own scenic language, with high individual and cultural identity , in which the technique and the content make symbiosis and allow messages to emerge with diverse layers of analysis and contents of interest for both the Colombian and international scenic sectors.


Dospuntos represents the creative, communicative and transformative urgency that the company decides to express through languages ​​that go beyond words. The company seeks constant research and scenic innovation by fusing different languages ​​to achieve new artistic expressions: circus techniques, dance, physical theater, performance, butoh dance, live music, audiovisual design, photography, plastic arts and technology are our creative tools.


The Company's base artists specialize in various circus techniques such as aerial duo, acrobatic balances, aerial acrobatics with different objects, Chinese pole, juggling, capillary suspension, manipulation of light and fire, acrobatic dance, among others.








Some of our most iconic creations are:


2019 - 2020 Alef Series - Bet.   Serial project of new circus works inspired by the magical and hidden world of the 22 Major Arcana of the Rider Waite Tarot. They delve into the archetypes and ancient darkness of the human mind (2 works in the series created and in circulation).


2020 Puerta Rosa D. Work of a new interdisciplinary and audiovisual circus, part of the "Alef - Bet Series" inspired by the magical and hidden world of the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite Tarot. To visit


2019 Hidden room A. Work of a new circus and baroque fantasy, part of the "Alef - Bet Series" inspired by the magical and hidden world of the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite Tarot. To visit



2017 - 2021 Triptych “Nyia” (gold). Trilogy of new circus works that recreate the imagined history of a Colombia from the year 1,530 to the speculated 2,200.


2018 “I Fihizhká” (soul). Work of new circus, pre-Hispanic memories and cañas, inspired by the time of the conquest, the colony and the miscegenation of cultures that happened inside the sugar mills brought from Spain to Colombia. To visit


2017 "II Degradé". Work of new circus, Colombian folklore and fabrics, in which the dream world of artists and Colombian folklore converge in images loaded with memories of a current life in Colombia. To visit


2015 "Mk. Ultra. Circus, girls and conspiracy". Show of new circus, pop art, video projection and conspiracy, inspired by the illegal experimental programs of mind control Mk ultra. To visit


2015 "Murasaki. The dream of the Cattleyas". One-girl show of new circus, Japanese arts, butoh dance and video projection. To visit


2014 "Chi no hana". Piece of balances, dance and butoh. To visit


2014 "Trapiche". Show of new circus, dance and sugared installation, co-created with the "Collective de paso" of Colombia. To visit




Members of the management group of dospuntos have co-founded other companies: "Campo lila" art-therapeutic project (2015 - present), "Cassetto visual arts" (2015 - present), "Colectivo de Paso" (2014-2015), "Circotic experimental arts" (2009 - 2015).




Some of the companies with which the members of the management team have worked as artists or made collaborations are: "Teatro experimental de Fontibón" from Colombia (2020), "Studio festi" from Italy (2018), "Cie BlucinQue" from Italy ( 2016-2018), "Circo Bradley" and "Circo Dylan" from Italy (2018), "The artistic productions window" from Colombia (2014-2015), "Circo Gottani" from Spain (2009), "La fura del Baus" of Spain (2008 and 2016), "Compagnie de dance de l'association danse et musique en Savoie et cite des arts de Chambéry, France" (2010), "Association of jugglers and jesters of the Balearic Islands" of Spain (2005) , among other.




Some festivals and theaters where the company has circulated are: Emergent Diluvio, Bogotá (2020), Festival cuerpo vibrátil, Ibagué (2020), Circonectado and La vida es circo, La Ventana digital, Bogotá (2020), Medellín en scene, Colombia ( 2020), XXIV Diosa Luna Theater Festival, Chía (2019), XII Encuentro alteratro, young creators, Bogotá (2019), Festival of festivals, Mosquera, Colombia (2019), XIII Festival circo en scene, Córdoba, Argentina (2019) , IV International Festival Suspended Scenes, Mexico (2019), New Creative Winds Festival, Bogotá (2019), XVII Festival internazionale sul filo de circo, Italy (2018), XIV Bogotá Theater Festival (2018 and 2019), MOF- Marchesato opera festival, Saluzzo, Italy (2017), Festival back to Bach, Torino, Italy (2017), IV Festival di teatro e musica, Auditorium di Santa Chiara, Sansepolcro, Italy (2017), Festival lions. Teatro le serre, Italy (2017), Festival rasegna in silenzo. Lavanderia a vapore, Italy (2017), Festival of theater and literature. Bardoneccia, Italy (2017), XV Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá (2016), VI Festival of Barcelona in butoh, Barcelona, ​​Spain (2013), Circus District. Idartes, Bogotá (2014 and 2019), Bogotá International Book Fair (2015), 12 and 13 Bogotá International Circus Festival (2014, 2015, 2019), Young Women for Peace Festival, Bogotá (2015), El lokal del risk, Barcelona, ​​Spain (2012), Cerdanyolla Alternative Festival, Spain (2012), Festival cirq'ule de Chambéry, France (2009 and 2010), Festival de cirque à la belle étoile, France (2009 and 2010), Festiv'arts. Festival d'arts de rue de Grenoble, France (2010), Festival les hauts de Chambéry, France (2009), Festival trapezi, La Fira del circ de Catalunya, Spain (2008), VII Mostra de joves creators d'audiovisuals, Sala Apolo, Catalunya, Spain (2007).


National Center for the Arts, Raúl Flores Canelo Theater, CDMX (2019), Miguel Covarrubias Theater, CDMX (2019), Sua Theater, Soacha (2019), National Theater House, Bogotá (2018), Golden Dragonfly Theater, Bogotá (2018, 2019), Teatro comunale, Adria, Italy (2017), Teatro pinerolo, Italy (2017), Moncallieri Rose Garden, Italy (2017), Steam laundry, Rivoli, Italy (Italy), The circus house contemporary, Italy (2017), Le serre theater, Italy (2018), Café muller theater, Italy (2018), La gata cirko studio theater, Bogotá (2015), Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation, Bogotá (2015), Chapinero free theater , Bogotá (2015, 2019), Servitá Theater, Bogotá (2015), La quinta porra Theater, Bogotá (2015, 2019), Ecci Theater, Bogotá (2014), Dream Theater, Bogotá (2014), Mercat de les flors Theater , Barcelona (2013), Museu nacional d'art de Catalunya, Spain (2013), Theater espace 600, Grenoble, France (2009 and 2010), Espace Léonard da Vinci, Montmélian, France (2010), Cité des arts, Chambéry, France (2010), Center des arts du cirque de Chambéry, France (2009 and 2010), Rogelio Rivel Circus School, Spain (2008 and 2009), Library of nou barris, Barcelona, ​​Spain (2008), Palace of exhibitions and congresses. Education Hall, Barcelona, ​​Spain (2009), Ateneu popular de nou barris, Barcelona, ​​Spain (2009 and 2012), Luis Carlos Galán Auditorium, Bogotá (2004), Catholic University Auditorium, Bogotá (2004), León Tolstoi Theater , Bogotá (2002), Modern Gym Theater, Bogotá (2000).

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