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Welcome, Welcome, Herzlich willkommen, Benvenuto, Welcome to

"VORTEKS. International festival of circus and transdisciplinary arts ”!

Dospuntos Circo Company, directed by Andrea Paola Martínez and Camilo Jiménez, celebrated its 12 years of foundation in 2020, launching the first version of the "VORTEKS. International festival of circus and transdisciplinary arts", which was created with the aim of promoting the encounter between circus arts and other forms of performing arts that explore new creative territories, where the transformation of scenic languages ​​and formats give birth to innovative and genuine transdisciplinary proposals.

VORTEKS welcomes artists of different nationalities and scenic disciplines in which the main tool is the body and who have an artistic investigation reflected in pieces with a high symbolic, aesthetic, technical content and who are in search of their own internal creative authenticity.

It is proposed to hold the festival annually and in a hybrid format (face-to-face / digital). Soon news of the second version in 2021!


Follow the Vorteks Festival page on facebook !!


There you can find information about the festival, interact with the artists and participate in free activities.

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