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Awake! open your eyes to dream

Acrobatic circus and poetry (2010)

A couple of travelers have left their house many years ago with only a backpack and a map. During their search they have forgotten where they come from and where they are going; now they continue walking without stopping but aimlessly and without meaning.

An epiphany happens, a magical event: the meeting of a Hotel, apparently like any other, leads them to enter an unexplored route. Inside a room they will live fantastic and magical experiences that will lead them to go through different states and enter a reality composed of their own dreams, desires, thoughts and memories broadcast by a radio. In a room with a bed, two chairs and a table, a strange aquarium, flying curtains, an old radio, two welcome cookies and during any given night, they live the experience that will return them to the place they have forgotten. This new trip will be their reunion ...

Original idea and interpretation: Jaime Barbosa and Andrea Paola Martínez

Outer Eye: Lan Nguyen

Technique: acrobatic poses, aerial poses on canvas and dance

Duration: 35 minutes

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