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We have a history of 11 years in carrying out non-formal education programs aimed at children, youth, adults, vulnerable population, artists and athletes. Our objective is to initiate people in the circus and performing arts, contribute to their training, integral development and the creation of their artistic proposals. We also aim at social and therapeutic work through body pedagogy and yoga, as a comprehensive development path in the hands of our professionals in psychology.

Circus techniques

Regular courses, workshops and master classes in circus techniques (initiation and training): physical preparation, aerial acrobatics (fabrics, hoop, chains, elastics, harness, duo), capillary suspension, Chinese pole, juggling, verticals, introduction to ground acrobatics. For children, youth and adults (personalized and group).

EGS- ZS8 Creation Laboratory

Laboratory for the creation of pieces in performing and audiovisual arts (face-to-face and online).

Hatha yoga

Regular courses and workshops in meditation, relaxation, breathing, hatha yoga techniques, with a therapeutic or acrobatic approach, according to interests (personalized and group / face-to-face and online).

The way of butoh in creation

Laboratory that introduces butoh dance techniques and tools, to inspire the search and creation of circus, dance or performance pieces (face-to-face and online).

Consultancy for the creation and direction

Consulting for the creation and direction of short pieces, medium and large-format works in circus and performing arts. Solo, duo and group work (face-to-face and online).

Show management and production workshop

Management and production workshops. Pre-production, production and post-production phases (face-to-face and online).

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