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MK Ultra

Circus, girls, conspiracy

“September 11, 1960. Experiment 6 of series 99 is about to begin. The objective, to implant the MK ultra program in a new experimental subject. The process will take place in a set systematically adapted to appear realities that its "inhabitant", Mrs. Borrego, will experience, a housewife chosen for having applied to the reality show "Morning Star" whose award is a TV and being a famous Hollywood tabloid star for a day. These bizarre events intertwine with acrobatic movements, colored lights and music from the deepest dreams and nightmares of hypnotic television reality ... reality created by invisible hands and ever-present eyes ”.

Mk Ultra
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MK Ultra. Circo, chicas y conspiranoia (2016). Compañía dospuntos circo. XV FITB. Flyer
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During the fifties and sixties and immersed in the tension of the Cold War, the MK ultra mind control programs were born; a series of secret, illegal and sinister experiments developed by world powers for various purposes of war and domination.

In this context, and clearly burlesque, the play MK Ultra: Circus, Girls and Conspiracy was born, in which six women embody female icons of pop culture and ancestral archetypes enigmatically related to MK programs according to conspiracy theories.

Within a hypnotic reality of colors, darkness, music and enveloping movements that takes up the aesthetics of rock and roll, pin up and pop art of the 50's, an atmosphere of secrets, keys and eroticism is developed expressed through a high skill level. Dance, singing, contact, juggling, tightrope walking, skating, floor acrobatics, acrobatic poses, contortionism, balancing act and capillary suspension are the techniques that manage to catch the minds of the spectators.


Production: Company Dospuntos Circo

Genre: new circus

Author, playwright and director: Andrea Paola Martínez

Duration: 60 minutes

Scenic space: Room or tent. Minimum 8 meters. squares of flat and unobstructed space. 6m high. 1 aerial point for pulley system with a minimum resistance of 600kg.

Techniques: juggling, balancing on bottles, figure skating, floor acrobatics, contortion, balancing, capillary suspension

Music: live singing and mixing

Public: over 10 years

Artists: Rosli Murillo, Andrea Paola Martínez, Daniela Vargas, Alejandra Gaitán, Viviana Jordán, Julieta Agudelo, Camilo Jiménez

Photography: Cassetto Visual Arts, Mao Mendivelso, Hugo Ordoñez Tellez, Julian Castiblanco, Toto Rincón, Pablo Palomino, Alejandro Andrade, Javier Porras

Supports: La Ventana Producciones, Colombia (first season, 2015). Ministry of culture of Colombia. Cassetto visual arts, Colombia.



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