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Second work of the Alef - Bet Series

Audiovisual new circus show (2020)

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"On the other side of a Pink Portal, through a deep vortex there's the nucleus of the" Pink Kingdom ", a dreamy mansion where the Pink Emperor" Mon Chéri "and the Pink Empress" Chéri Mon "are enraptured in an engrossed and encrypted chat of word games in which, unwittingly, they create dancing realities and universes of light. In their own dialectic and opposition, they contradict, indulge, exchange, merge and separate again, like a kaleidoscope that transforms without stopping, drawing infinite forms that they enjoy to the degree of ecstasy. Their mansion, a timeless space with multiple rooms and staircases, leads through the turns of their minds, in a journey of frenzy and extravagance that ends in the supreme communion of their minds, inside a bizarre galactic feast of seventh heaven "


Second work of the Alef - Bet Series, a set of 22 shows inspired by the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite Tarot. Puerta Rosa is inspired by the hidden meaning of the major arcana "III The Empress" and "VI The Emperor" and the sacred letters of the Hebrew alefato that correspond to it, Guimmel and Dalet.

It is a transdisciplinary show that articulates the circus, theater, dance, plastic installation, musical mix, visual mix with video-art and technology in a proposal based on a framework of mystical and ancestral knowledge that speaks of creative power of the human being in the Universe, within a surreal, pink, pop and retro-futuristic aesthetic. Its characters, the Pink Empress "Chéry Mon" and the Pink Emperor "Mon Chéry", two sides of the same coin, who in their dialectic create the reality of their Pink Kingdom, are mutating until they travel towards their most intimate essence.

The audiovisual work was created and registered in a 3-story house in the La Soledad neighborhood of Bogotá, inside a 50-year-old building.


Original idea and dramaturgy: Andrea Paola Martínez Mora

Technical and audiovisual direction: Camilo Jiménez Giraldo

Production: Company Dospuntos Circo

Genre: new audiovisual circus

Duration: 3 chapters of 20 minutes each (60 minutes)

Public: over 10 years old

Circus techniques: inverted balances, balances on bottles, manipulation of objects, bouncing balls, cervical suspension, whip, hand-hand, Chinese pole.

Other techniques: dance, theater, video art, video projection, lights.

Circulation format: mixed (face-to-face and audiovisual)

Support: Winner of the "Art and culture are created at home scholarship" (2020) from the District Secretary for Culture, Recreation and Sports and the Mayor's Office of Bogotá. Supported by the production company Cassetto visual arts.




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