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The dream of the CATTLEYAS  


Contemporary circus, performance and visual arts



"Blizzards of icy air rush over a field of blooming cattleyas on a spring day. The dreaming mind twinkles as a cloud of pollen envelops it, materializing the nascent and ancient Murasaki.

The dream party lasts a whole cycle. Between birth and death, red and demonic nightmares embellish the feast that enters through the mouth and glows with the fall of the first autumn leaf. The bleeding fruit hits the ground and melts sticky like a cold snowflake, like deep blue winter… purple like death.

The black void floods the dreaming mind ... soft shapes are drawn like sketches of new creations. And the feathered being is born, the white Tsuru, which continues its flight towards the sun.

… Then the dreaming mind wakes up and the cattleya dies. "