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The dream of the CATTLEYAS  


Contemporary circus, performance and visual arts



"Blizzards of icy air rush over a field of blooming cattleyas on a spring day. The dreaming mind twinkles as a cloud of pollen envelops it, materializing the nascent and ancient Murasaki.

The dream party lasts a whole cycle. Between birth and death, red and demonic nightmares embellish the feast that enters through the mouth and glows with the fall of the first autumn leaf. The bleeding fruit hits the ground and melts sticky like a cold snowflake, like deep blue winter… purple like death.

The black void floods the dreaming mind ... soft shapes are drawn like sketches of new creations. And the feathered being is born, the white Tsuru, which continues its flight towards the sun.

… Then the dreaming mind wakes up and the cattleya dies. "


Video arte "Murasaki"
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Compañía Dospuntos Circo en especial "La Vida Es Circo" (2020)
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Murasaki. El sueño de las Cattleyas (2019). Compañía Dospuntos Circo. Andrea Paola Martínez. Trailer
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"Wax statues, perfect immortal, fragile and empty"
(Andrea Paola, 2016)


Multidisciplinary solo work, in which circus techniques, butoh dance, audiovisual projection, video-art and photography are articulated with a Japanese-inspired aesthetic.


Murasaki, a Japanese word that means violet and Cattleya, a species of orchid typical of Colombia, are the protagonists of this creation. The work goes through the dream of orchids, where Murasaki is born, a purple and reddish cattleya that lives a whole cycle from birth to death during the 4 seasons of the year, mutating from one essence to another in its development.


Murasaki is a woman, demonizes, goddess, flower, crane, snow. They are the irrefutable phases of life and death of nature. It is cyclical, ancestral, in it the parameters of ordinary rationality and logic do not govern, it does not respect aesthetics or definition; she is contradiction.


Murasaki is a dreamlike and floral journey into the depths of the collective unconscious from where the archetypes of the feminine, life, death and their metaphorical expression emerge through the ephemeral life of flowers. It is also a symbol of what lies beyond cycles. It is the transition from form to essence, the liberation from the wheel of Samsara.


Original idea, direction and interpretation: Andrea Paola Martínez Mora

Genre: new circus, butoh dance, video art, projection and photography

Duration: u nipersonal 50 minutes


C ircense techniques: manipulation of fans, inverted balances, contortion, capillary suspension, aerial acrobatics (with ropes and mesh).

Japanese-inspired techniques: Butoh dance (the dance of darkness), Kabuki dance, Haiku (poems of 16 syllables), Japanese stories, Shibari (body tying technique for sexual intercourse and torture), body and gestural background of the Geishas, ​​Cha-no-yu (tea ceremony).

Technology: video-art, audiovisual projection.


Public: over 8 years  


Support: Ministry of culture of Colombia (2015 and 2019), Cirko de Mente (MX), Vertigo arte fitness (CO).


Audiovisual: Cassetto Visual Arts

Sample of piece in progress, December 12, 2019, Bogotá, Colombia. 


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