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6 month (2020)

Maybe tomorrow we'll be dead

The earth weighs and crumbles

The roots break and crumble

The bark dries up and crumbles

The bone breaks and crumbles


And forward, the unappealable,

What is in everything,

In the life that catches.


Maybe tomorrow we'll be dead

Maybe just maybe

our steps are leading us towards the return,

Where all roads lead downtown.

And everything is the center. In infinity the center is Everything.

POEMARY of 6 months   is a compilation of three pieces and an audiovisual circus epilogue that were born in the period of confinement lived by Andrea Paola and Camilo in 2020: "Akala. Beyond Time", "Vestigio", "La Caracola" and " The garden". The artists translate the emotions experienced during the confinement; everything that from the deepest well of their unconscious worlds came to the surface before a changing reality that stripped them of all ephemeral sense of security.

The pieces allow the viewer to make a trip to the interior of their worlds, where they can possibly see themselves reflected in front of a mirror. Loneliness, fear, anguish, the unknown, death, nostalgia, the encounter, the spiritual, liberation and Consciousness draw a spiral journey with a single destination: The center of oneself .


Idea and original creation: Company Dospuntos Circo

Technique: Audiovisual circus

Audiovisual poem 1: "Akala, Beyond time". Solo by Andrea Paola Martínez.

Audiovisual poem 2: "Vestige". Solo by Camilo Jiménez

Audiovisual poem 3: "La Caracola". Duet of Andrea Paola Martínez and Camilo Jiménez.

Audiovisual poem 4 (epilogue- bonus): "The Garden". Video performance written and directed by the Dospuntos Circo Company.

Duration: 35 minutes

Audiovisual production: Cassetto visual arts

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