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Skin without skin. Memories without voice.  

"The remains of a skin no longer inhabited; reflections that return the depths of the memories told in the darkest of silence. Empty bodies that once filled with light wandered like dancing piano notes through the halls, corridors, corridors like souls in a parallel dimension, present and absent .. "



"Skin without skin", is located in the historical moment between the years 1806 to 1819, period of campaigns, war and independence from Colombia. The work draws attention to the collective memories of the Colombian people of this time, giving body and voice to the "skins" of our ancestors, the weavers of our history, whose names we do not know, but from which the trees that are born feed in our lands; servants, peasants, soldiers and anyone who, without leaving an individual mark, has been the skin on which our current future has been written.

A universe with mountains of clothes, bodyless dresses, mirrors and lamps, which overlap on imaginary spaces, symbolize the empty and nameless skins of the people, stretched out, uninhabited and without a voice, as soon as there is no one who talks about them and the interweaves within the annals of collective memories.

Poetry, acrobatics, dance, manipulation of objects and poses spin a story between the two characters who will inhabit the forgotten skins in the dark corners of memories.


Original idea and performers: Andrea Paola Martínez and Camilo Jiménez

Dramaturgy: Andrea Paola Martínez

Production: Company dospuntos

Genre: contemporary circus

Duration: 45 minutes

Public: all

Circus techniques: acrobatics, carriage, verticalism, contortion, juggling

Other techniques: dance, poetry

Project supported by: Ministry of Culture of Colombia, Quinta de Bolívar House Museum, Bogotá.


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