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Chapter I of the Nyia triptych

New circus, Hispanic memories and reeds

“Souls embalmed by the memories of the grinding of 5 centuries. Mix of reeds, bagasse, smoke, sweat and ash. Whisper of souls from the past ... virgins and slaves, saints and guarichas ... extracts of mixed-race skins, boiling from the depths of the earth "

FIHIZHKÁ   (soul, breath, whisper in the Muisca language) is the first chapter of the triptych "Nyia" (gold), a series of new circus works that make a trip to the inner and imaginary universe called "Colombia" inhabited by creative artists. The trilogy takes place in a timeline that begins in the year 1,500 before the conquest of America and progresses to 2,200 of its speculations.

"Fihizhká", referring to the years 1,500 to 1,700, is a work that through the language of the new circus, dance, physical theater and objects, re-creates a magical place where one of the most important and precious nectars of the Colombian culture is produced: the sugar cane extract.

This work is inspired by the miscegenation of indigenous, black and European races and cultures, that took place in Colombia at the time of the conquest, especially in the context of life and slavery of the sugarcane plantations and sugar mills brought to America. In these places, part of Colombian history was created, as well as, to date, several of the most significant products of the country's agribusiness have been produced. The extract of the cane is the metaphor of our ancestral mixture and Fihizhká, it´s the whisper that tells us about these memories impregnated in our skin, but almost forgotten in the bank of our grandparents' memories ...


Production: Company Dospuntos Circo

Original idea and performers:

Andrea Paola Martínez and Camilo Jiménez

Dramaturgy: Andrea Paola Martínez

Genre:  nex circus

Duration: 55 minutes

General public

Circus techniques: manipulation of objects (juggling), floor acrobatics, verticals, aerial acrobatics in hoop, chains and cauldron, Chinese pole in unconventional structure (solo and duo).

Other techniques: dance, physical theater

Advisor on circus and staging techniques: Humberto Echenique, teacher at the National Circus School for Everyone, Colombia.

Project supported by: L 'Estruch factory de creació (ES). District Institute of the Arts-Idartes (CO). Fondazione Cirko Vertigo, The House of Contemporary Circus, MiBAC and Piemonte Region (IT).

Audiovisual production: Cassetto visual arts


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