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EGS - zs8 - Lab

EGS- _  zs8  It is the name given to the galaxy farthest from the Milky Way, seen in 2015 from Hawaii through the Keck telescopes. More than 13 billion light-years from Earth, it is still visible to us, although astronomers say it may no longer exist. It has been cataloged as one of the oldest galaxies and probably the first after the explosion of the Big Bang, at the beginning of the cosmos.

EGS-zs8 is the metaphor through which we want to symbolize a journey towards the confines of our own internal universe, where the first creative forces had their gestation place and where creating becomes an act of genuine internal search.

The laboratory is a theoretical-practical training and creative process, designed by the Dospuntos Circo Company, for performing artists of the body (circus, dance, performance, physical theater), aimed at stimulating creativity and providing tools for creation in all its phases, of scenic and audiovisual pieces,  that are born from the study of the elements or deep forces that move us to Be and Create from internal authenticity.  The process has 3 editions and 36 artistic projects created and premiered, face-to-face and virtually. 

EGS - zs8 - Lab