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Aleph's Journey (2019)


Winner V Research and Creation Residencies. Corporation

La Ventana Productions, Colombia


A circus of dreams, a Venetian carnival hall, the house of an eccentric aristocratic host, the study of a fortune teller or a room hidden in the corner of our minds, is the place where "Aleph" is invited to live a dreamlike experience. led by the master of ceremonies, the Great Brahm. Sublime, fantastic and animal characters, full of surprises, virtuosity and enigmatic mysteries, will guide your journey through the bizarre world of the Great Brahm, through dance movements, acrobatics, contortion, flights, juggling, humor and music. They will make us all live an unforgettable experience.



First version of a series of contemporary circus cabarets, adapted for children and adults, which take place in the different rooms "real, dreamed, repressed, invented, imagined, etc." that we live during our lives.


Hidden room "A" (family version) is the place where every child keeps their most precious treasures, secrets, plans and imaginary friends. In this magical place anything can happen: people transform into animals with superpowers, we can fly, make things appear and disappear, perform incredible stunts and meet beings from other dimensions. "Aleph" is invited to enter, through a path of mirrors, to live the most incredible experience of his life at the hands of "Cuska, the fortune teller", "The Great Brahm" and characters from other worlds.


Production: Company dospuntos

Genre: Contemporary cabaret-circus

Duration: 50 minutes

Original idea, dramaturgy and direction: Andrea Paola Martínez

Technical direction, audiovisual and sound production: Camilo Jiménez

Artists on stage: 5 to 7
Circus techniques: capillary suspension, floor acrobatics, hand-to-hand carriage, shoulder, vertical, contortion, aerial acrobatics, Chinese pole, juggling, whip

Audience: family

Support: V Residences of investigation and circus of the window artistic productions, Colombia. Vertigo fitness art, Bogotá. Cassetto visual arts, Colombia.

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