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What am I, if not the chasm into which I abyss, and what, but not being, what populates me?

An endless falling into myself to the horror of not being precipitates me.

And nothing remains but the impious enjoyment of reason falling into the ineffable and frozen intimacy of its emptiness ”. (Octavio Paz)

ENTROPIC is the fall into the void in search of the old certainty of oneself, crossing the darkness that leads us to the reflection that inhabits us and there is no other alternative than to immerse ourselves in the unknown and continue falling, to recognize the deep essence of the I.


Entropic is a concept taken from entropy, a word that comes from the Greek and means evolution and transformation. In physics it is used to refer to a measure of chaos or entropic factor. For example, if the pieces of a puzzle are thrown on the floor, they are much more likely to fall out of disorder than to fall in order by solving the puzzle.


The real and imaginary universe start from the geometric composition in a space woven by the ribbons of the mast, metaphorically represented in it, an order of chaos; fabrics that enclose the artist and lead him to experience emotions that are part of his personal experiences. The language during these emotional passages is floor acrobatics, dance, theater, and the Chinese stick technique.


Original idea, creation and performer: Camilo Jiménez

Production: Company Dospuntos Circo

Audiovisual design: Cassetto Visual Arts

Technique: Chinese pole (2 masts), floor acrobatics and dance

Duration: 10 minutes

Advisors: Sven Demei, Peter James

External look: Oscar de la Nova (Ecole Du Cirque Esac / Brussels)

Music: Thanatoloop Audience: all

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