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Chapter III of the Nyia triptych

New circus, post-apocalyptic folklore and emeralds

"Cuenta “El cucacuy”, famoso cazador de demonios, la historia de cuando un pequeño circo ambulante llamado “El circo de la maravillosa mujer de las mil caras” llegó a Vereda La sombra, cumpliendo presagios de hace siglos que dictaban que cuando ello sucediera ya nada sería igual. Mientras narra su misterioso relato, se va revelando una más oscura y verdadera historia, la del General Melquiades, militar conservador, que durante la guerra de los mil días se enamoró al grado de la obsesión de la gitana Tzadik Lovari, artista del “Circo de las maravillas”, quien lo acompañó a través de un sombrío destino"

El cucacuy

El cucacuy

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It is the third chapter of the triptych "Nyia" (gold), a series of new circus works that make a trip to the inner and imaginary universe called "Colombia" inhabited by creative artists. The trilogy takes place in a timeline that begins in the year 1,500 before the conquest of America and progresses to 2,200 of its speculations.

Esmeralda negra, is a multidisciplinary show of 60 minutes, in which the techniques of circus, dance, physical theater, live music, audiovisual projection and technology, are articulated to speak of an imagined Colombia from the years 2,100 to 2,300. An atmosphere of post-apocalyptic folklore is re-created in which darkness and emerald green take center stage. It is a magical, tragic, poetic, sinister, carnival environment, in which not only drama, but also black humor and surrealism have a place and in which the glimmer of a new path is glimpsed.


Production: Company Dospuntos Circo

Genre: New circus, face-to-face circulation format. Audiovisual circus, digital circulation format.

Direction: Juan Camilo Jiménez, Andrea Paola Martínez

Dramaturgy: Andrea Paola Martínez Mora

Audiovisual production: Cassetto visual arts

Performers: Juan Camilo Jiménez, Andrea Paola Martínez

Duration: 60 minutes

Public: over 10 years old

Circus techniques: acrodance, facade dance, hand-to-hand carriage, verticalism, contortion, capillary suspension, whip, multi-string aerial acrobatics, flying Chinese pole, manipulation of objects


Other techniques: dance, physical theater, technology, video, live music

"Green, oceanic, quaternary, deep glow that beats incessantly in perpetual darkness. Crack of light that floods the eternal tragic merriment where our ghosts and utopias walk"

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