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Beyond Time (2020)


Winner of "Idartes moves into your house"

"And suddenly the space contracted, there was silence and I remembered,

how it is inside, it is outside, how it is above it is below ...

Will it be a new exhalation of the Universe? ...


That night I had a dream, I was in a place of blue and white light,

the sun was radiant, the water was crystal clear, I wanted to swim in that immensity.

But the senses usually make us games, illusions.

Not everything that exists is what we see and not everything we see is what exists.


And the landslide, the cataclysm, the avalanche, the tsunami came!

Exhale, compress. Inhalation, collapses.


And I entered, almost like in another game, almost like in ecstasy, into a vortex of sounds, lights, speed;

Driven by dizzying fury, I ran through the days like swift and overflowing rivers.

Until exhaustion, until exhaustion.

A light opens a path. Run, I run. Walk, walk.

Be quiet…


Where are you? Where you take me?

Who are you?

Another game, you tell me

I am, I am


Run, I run. Walk, walk.

Silence, suspension ... and I float, just that


I let. It takes me. I dive "(Andrea Paola)

AKALA , is the metaphor of my trip in confinement; journey in which time and space ceased to exist and where reality was diluted to create itself again.

The dream of an empty, timeless, dark space is established, where the mist floods everything, where only some reflections of light allow us to see ahead and it is necessary to cling to sensations, intuition, what remains inside, because it what is outside is no longer known. In itself, it is the mind of Asmi, "place" where everything is possible. Asmi, submerged in the dream of an overflowing reality and guided by her Doppelgänger, goes through AKALA and sets out on a quest to find an underlying reality behind the apparent emptiness and ruins. In his journey between the rooms, corridors, walls, furniture and appliances that have ceased to be what they are and have become portals of his mind, he experiences a transmutation from one state to another, until he breaks his limits and discovers himself in its infinity .


Original idea, dramaturgy, creation and interpretation:

Andrea Paola Martinez

Technique: Dance, balances, manipulation of objects, capillary suspension

Duration: 7 minutes


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