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Winning piece of the circus district call, 2019

Idartes, Colombia

"The simple pleasure of a leaf flying in the warm autumn wind"


Undulating, circular, spiraling movement of a leaf that, once the autumn wind has arrived, has transformed its need to seek the sun and stripped away, abandoned to the warmth of the wind, enjoys the new directions that it can now travel, without a strict goal, but with a new world to which he freely ventures without pretense.

It is a way of approaching the changes within life, when we have directed our existence in a certain direction, but at a point of ecstasy we let go of the void, the natural, the organic, the becoming, life itself and although externally limits appear, it all depends on the point of view ... a leaf stripped from the tree is not a dead leaf, it is a freer leaf ...

Original idea and creation: Andrea Paola Martínez

Technique: Dance and aerial chains

Duration: 8 minutes

Music: Sigur Ros - Svefn-g-englar

Technical needs: aerial point at a minimum height of 6 meters. 1 rigger. Sound and lights

Photography: Pablo Palomino

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