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Sunset (2018)


"When the sky explodes "


J ust before completely hide the sun explodes on the horizon ... and just before he died, in agony, a peak of vitality is given. Ocaso is an allegory of this moment called "the amelioration of death", in which, like the sun, which appears exalted in an instant of maximum splendor on the horizon, we embark on the final descent.
In life we ​​experience multiple micro-deaths, which overlap each other like skins symbolized with the clothes that cover us every day. Sunset is one of these moments, in which crossed by everything that we have kept under our skin, the fight breaks out that will finally allow us to destroy ourselves to be reborn again, stronger, as the sun does every day.

Ocaso speaks of the fall, of internal de-constructions, of using all the remaining forces in the bowels to face the collapse, but it also poeticizes that death as a stimulus to grow and be increasingly bright and lucid.

Original idea and creation: Andrea Paola Martínez

Excerpt from: "II Degradé / Nyia"

Technique: Aerial Hoop

Duration: 6 minutes

Music: Llanero if I am a Llanero

Technical needs: 1 aerial point at a minimum height of 6 meters. Sound and lights

Photography: Andrea Machia, Enid Hernández

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