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Sound designer, DJ Bluekim  

In 1998 she began her career as a DJ. After having experimented with various genres, she reached what has since been hes most characteristic style: techno. Already having two years of experience on the Colombian stages, she traveled to the city of Sydney, Australia, which meant a radical advance in her musical and artistic concept. At the end of 2001, Bluekim participated in the important Dj's "Bedroom Bangers" competition, organized by the Sydney electronic music newspaper and held annually in this city. She occupied a prestigious second place among more than 200 participants. Bluekim returned to Bogotá, this time with a more forceful musical style, in which the strident and melodic synthesizers and the industrial sounds and voices are the most outstanding. She was part of the renowned Bogota collective Techsound for 5 years (2004-2009), during which time she participated in the organization and production of numerous and important local events, with great national and international DJs.

Her sets, in addition to being energetic and unpredictable, are always made up of daring technique and constant experimentation. A lot of industrial techno, EBM, electro-techno and above all a fixation on machine sounds, synthetic, dense and dark. She has played not only nationally, but has also traveled to countries such as Venezuela (Maracaibo, Mérida, Valencia), Ecuador (Quito), the United States (Los Angeles, New York) and Australia (Sydney). In addition, in 2012 she made her first tour in Europe, playing in France (Bordeaux), Germany (Berlin) and Bulgaria (Sofia). She has played with a large number of world-renowned artists and today she is part of the Bogota collective and label of EBM-Techno Complejo Industrial, in which she will soon be launching hes first musical productions.

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