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Unknown (2008)

Creation project supported by the Rogelio Rivel Circus School

Winner of the Specializations Program (2008)


"After experimentation in a laboratory, an abnormal phenomenon has been created. Inside a synthetic matrix something has been formed that is ready to be born. Its body, in constant mutation, is joined to the matrix by a long, equally inorganic fiber, from which it cannot be disposed of. Considered by its inventors as a dangerous biological waste, its destiny is to be destroyed. "


The number confronts us with the reality of experimentation with life, but it also refers to what is sinister in ourselves. A deep, unknown side that makes us human but we cannot even mention or name. When the Unconscious emerges in the other, it is perceived with surprise, as something alien, but the truth is that it is as much typical of the being that is on stage, as of the spectator.

Photograph of the "Festival Trapezi. La fira de Reus" (2008), "International circus festival of Bogotá" (2014) and "The artistic productions window" of Bogotá (2014)

Technique: Aerial acrobatics on fabrics and butoh

Duration: 10 minutes

Original Music: Jarkko Hyotyniemi

Technical requirements: Aerial point at a minimum height of 7 meters. Sound and lights

Creation assistance: Giovanna Mosquera (costumes), Loco Brusca (artistic director), Antonia Ruiz (technical director)

Photography: Cassetto Visual Arts and others

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