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ChinoHana (2014)


" For everything that is born, bleeds and dies. For the fragility, the ephemerality of life and the certainty of death. For a breath, so subtle and so full. For the flowers that are born and die in one of many cycles. One of many breaths. Only that. And all only in that. Dedicated to what lives .... and what dies .... "


In Spanish flower of blood, it is a dance and circus piece that speaks of women, but beyond this, it speaks of life, as an ephemeral passage of existence through a body whose red vital fluid penetrates everything to the death.


The presence of the "red liquid" seeks to confront the public with who we are, in a world in which the real wants to be plasticized and "sanitized" from birth to death and in which the body wants to be the terrain of hyperproduction, excluding real skin, flesh and blood in the places of the unknown, sinister or morbid.


Original idea and performer: Andrea Paola Martínez

Technique: Balances, dance, mudras and butoh

Duration: 8 to 10 minutes

Technical requirements: Flat stage space, basic sound and light system

Help in the creation: Yenzer Pinilla (first exploration), Rodolfo Rodríguez (balancing technique) and Kezyah Serreau (external eye).

Photography: Cassetto Visual Arts and Soledad Gómez

Chi no Hana, in the off of Buskers festival Lugano, Switzerland (2017)


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